Don't Go to Sleep Please

  • Prevent your Mac from sleeping while applications are running!
  • Navigate using your keyboard. Works well with VoiceOver.
  • Global keyboard shortcuts to quickly enable/disable the app.
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  • How can I configure global keyboard shortcuts?

    Open settings (⌘ + ,) and configure a keyboard shortcut to enable or disable the application.

    You can also configure a second keyboard shortcut to open the menu list. This allows you to navigate the menu using the keyboard:

    • Use the Arrow up/down key to move the selection
    • Use the left/right Arrow key to drill into a menu item or to go back to the previous item
    • With the menu activated, the following local keyboard shortcuts are active:
      • ⌘ P: Open the form to enter a process identifier (PID)
      • ⌘ 1 - 10: Select a predefined duration during which sleep is prevented
  • How can I prevent sleep while an application is running?

    You can select on or more applications in the "Stay awake while application is running" menu item. This will prevent your Mac from going to sleep while any of the selected applications is running.

  • Can I wait for an arbitrary process to finish?

    Choose "Stay awake while process is running..." and enter a process id (PID). Use the ps command (run man ps in the Terminal for more information about ps) to list the process ids of running processes. Enter the matching PID to prevent your Mac from sleeping while the process is running. This is useful for making sure, that a running script can finish.

  • How can I check whether "Don't Go to Sleep Please" is working?

    The application creates power assertions while activated. You can use the command pmset -g assertions in the (or any other terminal emulator) to list the currently active assertions:

    Listed by owning process:
       pid 720(DGTSP): [0x00051d3b00019fef] 00:38:04 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep named: "Don't Go To Sleep Please"  
       pid 720(DGTSP): [0x00051d3b00059fee] 00:38:04 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep named: "Don't Go To Sleep Please"  
       pid 720(DGTSP): [0x00051d3b00079ff0] 00:38:04 PreventSystemSleep named: "Don't Go To Sleep Please"  

  • What is the privacy policy for this app?

    "Don't Go to Sleep Please" does not collect any data.

    Apple may collect information in the case of an application crash, if you choose to share this information. This crash report is accessible to us.

    You can view the privacy policy for this website: Privacy Policy (German)